Google Omaha Tutorial

Our tutorial is the canonical resource for getting started with Omaha. Google's official GitHub repository links to it. The tutorial has already helped tens of thousands of developers learn about Google's powerful technology for automatic updates.

Case Study 1:
Automatic updates for device & desktop

Our client ships a hardware device and a desktop application to approx. 100,000 users. Both components are updated via omaha-server. The customer was frustrated by having to maintain – and often debug – this server themselves. Especially because it used to be unreliable and crashed easily.

By using our infrastructure, the customer solved all of the above problems. What's more, due to the previous setup being sub-optimal, the hosting did not become significantly more expensive – despite now being fully managed.

Case Study 2:
Auto-updates for an open source app

Aminal is an open source terminal emulator. It is sponsored by an international hedge fund, who commissioned us to implement automatic updates on Windows. We created an installer and a launcher for Aminal, and set up an update server. The end result is that its users can now install and update Aminal just like Google Chrome.

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Omaha Client Setup

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